Debunking Videos

Zeitgeist, History Rewritten

Zeitgeist Refuted Final Cut

You can see the rest of the video on youtube here

Zeitgeist Part One Exposed: The Film 1/8

You can see the rest of this video on Youtube here.

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  1. Gordana Pavlovic says:

    I would like to make Croatian subtitles on Zeitgeist refuted. Do you maybe have english transcript or subtitles? That would make the whole thing much easier. If you have it, can you please send it to my email. Thank you!


  2. kiki says:

    Bok Goga,

    Si našla titlove za Zeitgeist Refuted. Jel mozda imaš za “David Icke Debunked”? Htio bi filmove pokazati frendovima koji ne mogu tako lako pratiti film bez titlova.



  3. Gordana Pavlovic says:

    Nažalost nisam. Našla sam samo transkript na engleskom. Planirala sam napraviti titlove na hrvatskom, ali trenutno je taj projekt na čekanju.:/

  4. Anon says:

    This “evidence” of the information from Zeitgeist being incorrect does indeed show some inconsistencies. That being said, for all the counter claimers of the Zeitgeist evidence, there appears to be a LACK of consensus between the counter claimers themselves. One citing they believe this piece of evidence means this, the other citing that the same piece of evidence means something different, but both agreeing that Murdock is incorrect.

    The important thing to me seems to be that regardless of who is claiming what, I have yet to see ANY objectively attained statistics regarding an objective consensus on whether or not Jesus existed, or ANY other biblical claim that was not of an event which has the ability to be explained by current understandings of the natural world.

    “God’s breath moves the oceans” Dude, we all know that bodies of water move from wind, gravitational influences from large masses and temperature gradients. It is clear that historically in EVERY religious doctrine there exists supernatural attribution to what we now know as common physical events brought on by known physical systems, but unknown to the individuals who wrote these doctrine way back when.

    There are so many metaphorical, allegorical, and outrageous humanitarian evils wrought throughout the Bible that it begs the question “Why would GOD make it sooooooooooooo difficult for one to believe in something that is sooooooooooooo true? This is a MAN-BASED difficulty not a SUPREME BEING difficulty.

    The more I learn, the more it appears that man has, and still is, creating GOD in his OWN image.

    IMO, the Zeitgeist movie successfully brings out the issues of complexity, and utter LACK of uniformity in Christianity as well as for ALL religions. In addition, it stirs the debate, and keeps people asking about the truth rather than just blindly accepting someone’s or some institution’s accountance of it!

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